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Only In Ohio Update.

It has begun, dear Friends. We have hit the road for the first time as a band, even if just for a weekend, and I must say, it feels a bit like camping without the bonfire and tents and… it’s nothing like camping, who am I kidding? Myself. That’s who. Our friends Obstinate Orange are here too! They’re cool guys, so be sure to check out their EP when it comes out in a couple of weeks. Links down below.

Last night, we kicked off our mini-tour at Musica, a venue that has always treated me very well and supported my endeavors since I moved to Akron. The crowd was amazing, best yet. It was a dancetastic drunken mess that I think only compares to the dancing fevers old.

As I sit here at the cafe we are playing at in Athens, I can only think of starting out at random coffee shops from Columbus to Cleveland and all other sorts of ways. Playing solo for almost 4 years, wanting to be a songwriter or something, and play songs for people, this road trip is a big step for me. Managing one person on the road isn’t much work. Make sure you’re bathed, and fed, and you’re pretty good. Add gear and other people into the mix and it’s a whole nother experience. Leaving the comfort zone of friends that have supported us over the past year is a thrilling experience. Whole new crowds will hopefully make these old songs feel new again.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to Musica last night.

We’ll be in Columbus at Kafe Keroauc at 8pm tomorrow with O.O. and Maria Levitov.



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